Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Common questions asked by many learner drivers to help you get started.
Am I able to have driving lessons in my own/family car?
Yes we can conduct lessons in your own/family car. This is a good idea where the car will be used for a Driver’s Test. It is also a good idea when a learner has a new car and wishes to familiarise themselves with it prior to licensing. Think Driver Training is able to offer customers training in their vehicle, provided the vehicle is registered, roadworthy and comprehensively insured and sufficient fuel for the lesson (approx1/4 tank minimum). The lesson charge is not reduced for lesson in a customer’s own car.

Note we can not offer this service as a first lesson as we must first assess driver competencies and only when we feel the driver is safe will we then offer this service.

How do I book my driving test?
When you are ready, Think Driver training can arrange your test for you. Call us or book on line, provide us with your learners permit number and payment details and we will arrange your test. You can book a test directly with Queensland Transport, however if you do book your own test, there is no guarantee that your Instructor is available at that time. Please let us do it for you.
How many lessons will I need before I am ready for my P’s?
This depends on the individual, as every student is different. We can asses your current abilities and levels of experience and then provide you with an estimate/time frame. Please keep in mind that you can have as many lessons with a professional driver trainer as you like, you are not limited to 10hours. The more training you receive the safer you will become prior to going for your test. Also I believe that any driving is good practice the more you drive the better you will be when it is time to drive on your own.
How to add 30 hours to your log book!
10 Lessons with Think Driver Training will count as 30 driving hours for your Log Book. However you need to be aware that once you have completed your first 10 lessons, a driving lesson with a driving instructor then counts as one lesson for one hour of practice driving for your Log Book.

We have a great value 10 lesson pack available

Should I learn to drive in an automatic or manual car?
The decision to learn in an automatic transmission or a manual car depends upon many factors including personal choice, skill level, confidence and the cars you are able to practice in. Also in Queensland if you are the holder a CA licence you can only legally drive an automatic car. Large fines apply for driving with the wrong licence and your insurance will be voided.
What happens if I am caught speeding while on my learners licence?
You as the driver of the vehicle are held responsible. NOT your supervisor or trainer whom is driving with you. Fines will apply. So always be aware of you responsibilities as the driver.
What happens if I don't have my licence with me at the driving lesson?
It is not possible by law to allow the learner to drive a car on public roads without a valid licence on his/her person. Therefore there will be no driving taking place during the driving lesson. The driving instructor may conduct a lesson covering theory or techniques. in either a stationary or moving vehicle. This may also include commentary driving, to work on hazard perception skills.
    Note. Late cancelations fees or no show fees may apply
What must I do when I obtain my learners permit?
Firstly, you must pass the 30 question learners test and obtain your learners licence. ‘L’ Plates must be clearly displayed on the front and rear of the car you are driving. You must have your Learners Permit with you at all times while driving. A blood alcohol limit of 0.0% applies to all learners and finally you must have a licensed driver sitting beside you at all times.
When can I go for my licence?
To be eligible to obtain your licence you must be at least 17 years of age and held your Learners permit for at least 12 consecutive months. There are exemptions to the amount of time you have to hold the permit, under certain circumstances – please enquire at Queensland Transport – www.transport.qld.gov.au
When will I be ready to go for the practical test?
This time frame will vary for absolutely every student. You are ready for the practical driving test when you can drive confidently and consistently and in a safe manner in accordance with the Queensland road rules. You should be able to drive without the help of your driving instructor or supervisor. As you are getting closer, we can conduct a mock test to demonstrate what stage you are up to and what areas of your driving need more work.
Why do I need to practice my driving?
Driving involves combining theory with physical skills and judgement. Practice is essential and the more practice you have, the less number of professional driving lessons you may require to be at the standard required to pass the test. Practice is vital and the requirement is that a new driver has 100 hours of log book experience prior to sitting for their practical driving test.
Can you show me the test Route?
Simply put NO. This is a very commonly asked question. The main reasons for this are
  • You should be able to drive in any location if you are ready for your test.
  • The test area coverage is quite large generally with in a 15min of the test centre.
  • There are multiple test zones and testers.
  • However we show you the areas commonly used in the test area to help you gain local knowledge of the area.